Will ImageRecall work for hard drives?

ImageRecall 5 software is optimized for recovery of memory cards and USB flash drives. While the software may recognize hard drives, the recovery itself may take a  long time and yield unpredictable results.  Because of but these limitations, recovery attempts from hard drives using ImageRecall software are not supported by FlashFixers.

I used ImageRecall and wasn’t able to recover the images myself. Are there any other options?

Yes. You can send the card to FlashFixers Recovery labs. Our expert technicians have years of experience recovering lost data from flash memory cards. They will thoroughly evaluate your card, extract your images or data from the card where possible using state-of-the-art equipment, perform a quality check of the recovered images, and finally copy the files to a Recovery CD. Both Recovery CD and your flash memory card are returned to you for one flat fee.

My card is plugged into the camera and connected to the computer via a USB cable. Why can’t ImageRecall find the letter drive?

ImageRecall requires that a standard USB card reader or PC adapter is used to recognize the memory card. Camera manufacturers often use proprietary interface that launches their own imaging software. These custom USB interfaces do not behave in a standard way. If the card is not visible as a removable media drive in Windows, recovery software won’t work.

I have ImageRecall 3 and can’t find my Serial Key to install the program on my new computer. How do I obtain a replacement serial key?

Send an email to with ‘Subject: IR3 Lost Serial Key’. Include you name, address, phone number and approximate purchase date. We will verify your original order and send you a replacement Serial Key by email.

I have a previous version of ImageRecall and just upgrade my computer to Windows 7 64bit. I tried to ImageRecall but I got an error. Is there a patch for this?

Earlier versions of ImageRecall do not support 64-bit OS. You will need to upgrade to ImageRecall 5 64bit. The cost of the upgrade is $19.97. Use the code “UPGRADE50” at checkout to obtain the discount.

I downloaded ImageRecall 5 and got a Product Serial Number to activate on my laptop. When I tried to install the software on my desktop, using the same Product Serial Number, the Activation fails. Why?

The Product Serial Number can only be used once for a single computer. You will need to purchase another license to receive a Product Serial Number for a second computer. An exception is a computer hardware upgrade. Send your request to with ‘Subject: Hardware Upgrade’ and include your name, address, phone number.

I bought a camera/accessories kit online and received the CD Don’t Panic Photo Edition as part of a package deal. How do I obtain a Product Serial Number in order to activate it?

After you install the software for the first time, it requires a Product Serial Number be entered in order to activate the software. Go to the link Cameta to request your Product Serial Number. Additional instructions are printed on the CD jacket.

I ordered the software but did not get the email with the download link.

Our emails contain no spam but they are sometimes held up by Spam blocking software. Check your Spam or deleted messages folder to be sure our email did not end up there. If more than one hour has passed and you still have not received the link to download ImageRecall, send an email to

I received the CD Don’t Panic Photo Edition but it does not finish installation. The message reads, “Error 1334” How do I resolve this issue?

Send an email to with ‘Subject: 1334 Error’ and we will send you information and a link to a new download that fixes this problem.

I bought (or received) an earlier version of the ImageRecall program. How can I upgrade to ImageRecall 5?

You can place your order online at the ImageRecall Orders page. Select your version (32-bit or 64-bit). The cost of the upgrade is $19.97. To accept your order we will ask you to verify either your order ID or the UPC number on your CD jacket. Use the code “UPGRADE50” at checkout to obtain the discount.