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iPhone Lost Passcode

Lost iPhone Passcode?
Don’t Panic – We Can Help!
We’ll recover your locked iPhone passcode…
Even if it’s

With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for your data and computer needs.

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If your iPhone is locked or disabled because you forgot the passcode… then you can easily lose your irreplaceable pictures, videos, texts, and other important data forever.

And if you’re like most people, the thought of losing everything on your phone can be frightening. Safe and reliable passcode and data recovery options are limited.

Proven, effective iPhone passcode recovery

FlashFixers offers a safe and effective passcode and data recovery service for iPhones. You’ll simply send your iPhone to FlashFixers forensic lab in Stratham, N.H.

The same day we receive it, our team of forensic data recovery specialists using specialized hardware will recover your passcode, then we’ll send your iPhone back to you in the EXACT condition it was before it was disabled.

All of your precious photos, videos, contacts, texts, emails, documents, and voice mails will remain completely intact!

This specialized passcode recovery service is only $199!

Isn’t your data worth it?

Here’s what Gretel Arredondo from Laredo, Texas, says about FlashFixers:

“I was completely devastated thinking I had lost 5 years of memories forever, but these people were truly AMAZING! FlashFixers was somehow able to recover all my data — over a thousand photos/videos, business contacts and 80,000+ text messages — and all without a single backup.”

To get more information, call toll-free at 888-834-9377 or click the Submit Service Request button below.

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What about the “other” options?

IF you have a recent backup, AND you have access to the computer your iPhone was originally synced with…. you could restore it, reset your passcode, and resync your data from a backup.

If you don’t have access to the original computer or a recent back up, you’re out of luck – data gone forever.

Or… If you’re the adventurous, risk-taking techie type, you could attempt to jailbreak or otherwise hack deep into the programming of your iPhone. But this is a risky maneuver that doesn’t always work, and can permanently destroy your data.

Why would you risk losing everything you’ve saved on your phone, when you can simply send it to FlashFixers for passcode recovery ?

Why should you trust FlashFixers to recover your passcode?

  • 10+ years of experience in forensic data recovery
  • Advanced, highly-specialized forensic hardware
  • Over 13,612 data and passcode recovery clients
  • Rated A+ by The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Simple passcode recovery, even if your iPhone is disabled
  • Your phone is returned the same way it was before it was disabled
  • Same-day passcode recovery service
  • Support for iOS up to 8.1 and all iPhones up to iPhone 6 Plus
  • Free USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day) return shipping included
  • Free shipping insurance is included

To begin the process, call toll-free at 888-834-9377 or fill out the online Service Request Form and send your iPhone or iPad to FlashFixers Lab in Stratham New Hampshire. Once we look at your phone, we will contact you with updates.

Click on the submit request button below or call toll-free at 888-834-9377 to get started.

*We can recover the complete contents from a passcode locked or disabled iPhone, as long as you are the iPhone owner or have legal authorization to access the phone.

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