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Recover Data from any LG G4 or Android Phone Stuck in a Bootloop

If your Android phone or LG G4 is stuck in a bootloop, you don’t have to despair. Here at FlashFixers we have the knowledge, skills, and technology to recover your personal data before it is lost forever. We understand that smartphones contain photos, music, documents, and other important data that is irreplaceable, which is why we offer data recovery service that can save the day.

Data Recovery for $299

Our standard price is  $299  for any Android data recovery chip-off for including these devices stuck that can be typically stuck in a bootloop:

  • LG G4
  • LG V10
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2
  • HTC phones, HTC One
  • Moto X 1st Gen, Moto G, Motorola Droid

For these phones, there is no evaluation fee. That means you only pay for a successful recovery. For more information about pricing, see our complete data recovery price list. Don’t forget to complete a service request form to begin the data recovery process.

If you don’t see your phone listed above, please contact us today to see how we can help. Note that we do not repair the phone or fix the bootloop itself, but we can get your data back.

 What is a Bootloop?

When a phone will turn on and flash the logo at you, but then gets stuck and won’t load anything further, it is stuck in a bootloop. When this happens, the phone appears frozen at the startup screen or logo. There is something wrong with the device that is preventing it from completing the normal boot cycle, instead trapping it between the boot logo and the screen where you can unlock it. Sometimes it will only light up, perhaps it will show the logo and then just freeze, or sometimes it will get alarmingly hot to the touch and then shut down suddenly.

Whatever the cause of the problem, the end result is the same: you can’t get into your phone. A phone that won’t work is frustrating enough because it puts you out of contact with work, friends, and family, but when you add the fact that all of your data is trapped in a broken phone it’s easy to panic. What is going to happen to all of your personal photos, work documents, contacts, music, etc.? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

You Can Save your Data from a Bootloop Issue

Many times phone owners who get in touch with their service provider or the phone manufacturer are given the disheartening advice to do a factory reset on their phones in order to restore function. Sure, this will probably solve the boot loop problem and restore your ability to make calls and be connected, but what about your data? A factory reset will wipe the device clean, and that’s probably not the solution you had in mind.

You may be wondering if it’s possible to fix an Android phone stuck in a bootloop without losing data or without doing a factory reset. The good news is that your boot looping phone is probably not a permanent prison for your data. Bootloops are a common issue plaguing smartphone owners today.

The LG G4 mobile phones account for more than 70% of the bootloop issues seen in the FlashFixers data recovery lab, but they also commonly occur in the Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 4, Note 3, and Note 2. You may also see them in the LG V10. If your phone is stuck on the LG or Samsung logo, or your HTC One or Motorola Droid is frozen, we can help. We do not repair the bootloop itself, but we almost certainly can get your data back using a chip-off process as described in the video.

Get your Data Recovered from a Bootloop Today

Recovering photos and videos from your LG G4 or other legacy Android phone stuck in boot loop can be done in a few days for just  $299. We also offer a full menu of recovery services for other devices at competitive prices. We combine our technological and data recovery expertise with all the latest information about malfunctioning phones to make sure that we not only understand the problems you are having with your phone, but also know how to save your data from them. Get in touch with us today, and see how FlashFixers can solve your bootloop issue with data recovery in a flash.

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