USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Our years of experience in helping users recover from all type
of data accidents and disasters qualifies us to
work on your USB drive.

With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for your USB flash drive recovery.

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Is your USB flash drive not working? Are you stressed or worried about losing critical information? Do you have important files on your USB flash drive that you absolutely must recover?

Don’t Panic! We can help.

FlashFixers has been providing expert file recovery services for USB flash drives for 16 years (since 2002). We have the experience, tools, and technical expertise necessary to recover your files from any USB flash drive, including flash drives that are broken, damaged, disconnected, corrupted, or unreadable.

Our high success rates, affordable pricing, and consistent 5-star rated customer service make us the best company to recover files from your USB flash drive.

“I thought I lost all the files on my flash drive. I put it into Macs and PCs and it was no longer readable. I found FlashFixers online. My experience with FlashFixers was excellent from my first email to picking up my recovered files. When I brought my flash drive in, Richard put it in and felt positive he would be able to retrieve the content. He called me that night and said he was able to recover 1000 files. I went to pick it up the next day and he showed me all the recovered files. I was so excited. I have already been recommending FlashFixers and will continue to do so.” – Tracey C.

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You CAN Recover Files From a Non-Working USB Drive

FlashFixers can recover files from broken, damaged, corrupted, not recognized, or otherwise non-working USB flash drives. If your USB flash drive has any of the following conditions, your data can still saved:

  • Broken Connector
  • Corrupted File System
  • Physically Damaged
  • Not recognized by a computer
  • Lifted or missing pads
  • Missing or loose solder connection

If you don’t see your specific situation here, we can still help. Call us or send us a message to find out how.

Do You Need To Fix or Repair Your USB Flash Drive?

FlashFixers specializes in USB flash drive repair. Our USB repair experts have fixed hundreds of broken USB drives by repairing the printed circuit board (PCB), replacing USB connectors with broken legs, re-soldering the connector legs to the PCB pads. and even reading the memory chips inside. If you have lost data or can no longer physically read the USB drive in the computer, FlashFixers may be able to recover your lost data. Our years of experience in helping users recover data from all type of accidents and disasters qualify us to work on your USB drive.

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How Much Does USB Flash Drive File Recovery Cost?

The cost to recover files from a USB flash drive starts at $40, which is less than the cost of most data recovery software.

If there is physical damage to the USB flash drive and the flash drive must be repaired, the cost for recovery can go from $150 (reattach broken pads from a detached connector) to $300-$500+ (“chip-off” or “NAND” recovery, in which the memory chip is extracted from the circuit board or directly read through test points on the chips).

There is no charge for us to evaluate and attempt recovery of your USB flash drive. You only pay for a successful recovery.

This pricing information is available on our pricing page, but it is also copied below for convenience.

Data Recovered Price
Evaluation Free
Up to 1GB $40
1GB-2GB $55
2GB-3GB $70
Each Add’l GB $15
Search for Deleted Photos $50
Fix Broken USB Connector $150+
Chip-Off Recovery $300-$500+
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How Does FlashFixers USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Work?

Once we receive your USB flash drive at the FlashFixers Recovery Lab, we will begin the evaluation and recovery process.

Any damage to the printed circuit board (PCB) or connector pads must be repaired first, before the USB connector can be re-soldered to the PCB. Once there is a good electrical connection between the 4 USB connector pads to the PCB, it should begin working again.

In more severe cases where the PCB is damaged beyond repair, the only option may be to read the NAND memory either by physically removing the memory component or accessing test points on the chip itself.. From this raw image of the memory chip, the results can be interpreted and converted back to a normal file system, and all the data can be recovered.

Are You Ready To Recover Your Files?

To begin the recovery process, you first complete a service request form and send your USB flash drive to FlashFixers via mail or courier. We’ll let you know once we receive your flash drive. We will evaluate your device and attempt a full recovery of your data. Your recovered data will be saved to a USB flash drive and returned to you, along with your device, via USPS first class mail.

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Why Should You Choose FlashFixers?

We believe in saving our customers’ data and their peace of mind. That’s why we deliver expert file recovery services at an affordable price, all while making the data recovery process as least stressful as possible for you. We also believe in transparent pricing and open communication. And we always put our customers first. We are proud to have helped thousands of customers recover their data over the last 16 years of business. If you have any questions about whether your data can be recovered, call us today! We are always happy to help.

“Lifesavers to a college senior! I am very appreciative of Flash Fixers’ work. I had a panic moment in which my college son’s flash drive crashed with all his information on it. Best Buy couldn’t fix it but they told us there were services online. That’s how I found out about Flash Fixers and mailed it up to them. I talked to Rich several times and he explained the service to me. He was very reassuring that they’d be able to do something even if they couldn’t recover the whole thing. He kept me posted the entire time. It turns out they couldn’t read it so they had to open it up. We didn’t get 100% back but most of it was recovered.” – Lorraine L.

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