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USB Flash Drive Recovery

Our years of experience in helping users recover from all type
of data accidents and disasters qualifies us to
work on your USB drive.

With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for your data and computer needs.

USB Flash Drives are removable, rewritable flash memory data storage devices. They are a very convenient way to store personal data and move files from one computer to another. The first devices were introduced in 2000 by Trek Technology and IBM. Today’s USB flash drives work by plugging into any computer’s available USB port, are available in sizes up to 256GB, and can transfer data at speeds up to 30MB/sec. USB Flash Drives work equally well with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

One problem is that because USB Flash Drives can stick out so far from a computer, an accidental vertical or sideways force can cause the USB connector to shear away from the body of the PCB. The USB connector can also become loose through normal wear and tear or daily use. When this happens, the USB Flash Drive will stop working. To asses the physical damage the enclosure body must be opened to expose the PCB inside, and the connector and PCB examined in detail (preferably with a high-power magnifying glass or digital microscope). We find the most common failures to be:

  • Lifted or missing pads
  • Broken connector legs
  • Missing or loose solder connection
  • Broken or damaged PCB
Destroyed USB flash drive

If there is damage to the PCB or connector pads this must be repaired first, before the USB connector can be re-soldered to the PCB. Once there is a good electrical connection between the 4 USB connector pads (+5V, GND, USB+, USB-) to the PCB, it should begin working again. In more severe cases where the PCB is damaged beyond repair, the only option may be to remove the NAND memory chip and read it independently on a memory chip reader. From this raw image of the memory chip the results can be interpreted and converted back to a normal file system.

FlashFixers specializes in USB Flash Drive Repair. We have fixed hundreds of broken USB drives by repairing the PCB, replacing USB connectors with broken legs, re-soldering the connector legs to the PCB pads. and even reading the memory chips inside. If you have lost data or can no longer physically read the USB drive in the computer, FlashFixers may be able to recover your lost data. Our years of experience in helping users recover from all type of data accidents and disasters qualify us to work on your USB drive.

The pricing for the recoveries go from $150 (reattach broken pads from a detached connector) to $300-$500+ (“chip-off” recovery depending on memory size 4GB or less).

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