Failure can be avoided by backing up to more than one place

This advice has been offered for years, but not by computer techs that are interested in making serious money off digital photo recovery. If you’re a professional photographer, the best course of action is to put measures in place to avoid losing your pictures. Utilize cloud-based storage and external hard drives to make sure your images are always accessible- no matter what. If you’re having drive failure now and need immediate digital photo recovery, however, this option doesn’t help much. Get in touch with us to submit a repair request- we can help you retrieve your lost images and data.

Deleted AND corrupted files can still be recovered

When it comes to digital photo recovery, files that have been corrupted can still be saved. The same goes for files that were previously, whether accidentally or for a reason, deleted. So don’t panic- trust someone who knows what they’re doing to give your files the best shot at recovery.

There are Different Price Points Depending on the Service

There are several different approaches available to professional photographers when it comes to restoring your files, all of which come at different costs. Digital photo recovery software is available that is generally the least expensive option on the market. Other options include mail-in and in-store services that are available at a higher cost.

Nothing is guaranteed

Recovering your files and your images depends entirely on your hardware and the failure you experienced. Plenty of computer technicians will promise that they guarantee digital photo recovery, but you should know it’s not always possible. Keep that in the back of your mind, and trust only reputable companies to attempt data restoration.

Have images you can’t access due to hardware failure? Submit a request today and let us help.