Putting all your eggs in one basket has never been a good idea. So trusting the storage of all your photos, videos and music in one tiny piece of plastic and metal is setting yourself up for a tragic afternoon one day at the park, the pool, or even your kitchen sink.

Accidents Happen

Though you may consider yourself the most responsible person in the world, with a thick cover on your phone and not so much as a nick in the screen, accidents definitely do happen. That thick shell will only make your phone sink faster to the bottom of your kitchen sink on that fateful day when it slips out of your hands. All those moments when you could have backed up your pictures and videos will flash before your eyes and lead to a deep feeling of regret.

But I Didn’t Mean To…

Going through and deleting incriminating pictures from your phone isn’t a bad idea. But going through them too quickly and accidentally deleting treasured photos and videos of your child’s first birthday is a horrible feeling. Luckily, photo recovery has come a long way in the past few years—enough to get that deleted video back along with the incriminating pictures if you wish.

A Matter of Financial Security

While amateur photographers might be worried about losing a sentimental selfie, professional photographers are worried about losing critical client photos. Perhaps the bride calls you back and decides she actually did want the bridal photos she thought she looked fat in, or you accidentally deleted corporate event photos before sending them. Well, now you can breathe a little easier knowing that the bride’s, corporate partner’s, or any other client’s photos will be safe.

So whether you smash, drown, burn, or perform any other kind of destructive verb on your phone, you can start to feel a little better right now about preserving all the memories you’ve stored solely on your main mode of communication.