Twenty years ago, backing up data meant owning a large file cabinet. Now that sleek metal cabinet is collecting rust in the garage while all of your important information is stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

But if you haven’t been backing up your data onto some sort of third party, cloud based platform, the first time you drop your phone in a puddle or spill coffee on your laptop could make you long for the days of the good old clunky file cabinet.

Don’t know where to start with data backup? Here are three great cloud storage platforms that will make backing up and securely storing your data a breeze.

This has long been the go-to storage solution for computer users the world over. Dropbox offers a free account that gives you 2GB of storage with no limit on the size of your files. You can upgrade to Dropbox Pro for more storage or Dropbox for Business, which allows you to set up multiple accounts.

Box is lesser known than Dropbox, but still an excellent option. Their free account gives you 10GB of storage, but they do place limits on the size of your files. One of the great things about Box is that instead of having to deal with clumsy attachments, you simply send a link to share files. This makes collaboration quick and easy.

Another neat feature is the option to add comments directly to your files. This prevents having to rely on the information in an email that you may or may not want to read. Instead, all the important information is always in one place.

While a bit pricier at the higher account levels, Copy is certainly a bargain for free users. Starting a 15GB for life, customers can increase their free storage to 40GB by referring 5 friends.

They also allow you to cut down on your storage usage if you are sharing files with others. For example, if you are sharing a folder that’s 20GB with three other Copy users, it will only account for 5GB of storage for each user. It’s a very cool way to share large files without eating up your storage.

More Options
Backing up your data can bring you great peace of mind, and these platforms are fine for most home users and small offices. But if you own a business or are a busy professional with mission-critical data and require secure, scalable and automatic backup, we recommend a business-class backup solution such as Enveloc or Mozy.

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