FlashFixers Reviews

FlashFixers is here for one reason – to serve you the customer. We take very seriously our mission of providing the best photo recovery services and software available anywhere. We know how devastating the loss of your photos can be. When we can recover your photos, we are absolutely thrilled (along with you) knowing that we saved someone’s baby pictures, or family, or vacation, or wedding, or portrait, or whatever pictures are most important to you.

Here are excerpts from some of the many letters and emails our customers have sent us:

“Unbelievably HAPPY…is what I am…after working with FlashFixers. After my iPhone took a swim in the lake, I thought that my “unbacked up” and “non clouded” photos, videos, and notes were lost forever! As a business owner and mother of four, my phone held an enormous part of my life. It was gone! FlashFixers worked hard to recover what I thought was lost forever- I am sooooo grateful. They recovered everything! Did I mention how happy I was to get Rich’s call? I recommend FlashFixers with all my heart.”
Paula L.
“Rich recovered my son’s photos and videos from his phone, taken while he thru hiked the Appalachian Trail. The photos were priceless to him and he was very happy to have them recovered. Rich took the time to explain the process and recovered over 1000 photos. Thank you!”
Liza Hewitt
“My phone was beyond destroyed after falling off my bike and bouncing on the pavement while I was riding 20 mph. I heard this group could perform miracles and they delivered! Very pleasant staff, with timely communication and excellent customer service. I recommend this to my family, friends and work colleagues who want to resurrect their own device after trauma.”
Christie Hudson
“Where to begin… I sent my phone to 2 different states for repairs. They couldn’t fix it! Came across FlashFixers… and POOF!! This crew is phenomenal from phone courtesy to the techs! They recovered all my data, from childbirth photos to all my contacts. I can’t thank your crew enough! I’d give you 10 stars if it was possible!! Thanks again so much!!!”
Steve Arnold
“I was another unfortunate person who dropped his phone into a shallow pool of water. I was actually amazed at how quickly the water rendered my phone unusable. Given the internal memory of my HTC One, I figured all of my pics and videos were gone. A friend told me about Flashfixers, so I stopped by. (Luckily, I live locally.) Literally, within a day, a flash drive with every single one of my pictures and videos was placed into my hand. I highly recommend this service to anyone who faces a similar situation.”
Adam Wiggin, Kensington, NH
“When you are a parent and the only memories of milestones you have captured are on your phone it is disheartening to think the are lost forever. When the local cell phone repair/data recovery shop told that there was no way my data could be recovered, I am so grateful that I used FlashFixers. They were able to do what others couldn’t do and they did it with great customer service. Having used them before I should have just gone straight to them first. If this ever happens again to me or anyone else I know, I will wholeheartedly use and recommend Rich and his team at FlashFixers.”
Maya Scofield
“We have used Flashfixer a dozen times, from iphone data and password recovery to LCD screen replacement. Richard is always friendly, knowledgeable and fast! I would definitely recommend FlashFixers to anyone in the seacoast NH area.”
Aimee DeRoehn
“I just have to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’m a professional wedding photographer and I shoot everything in digital. I don’t know what happened but when I went to retrieve the images they just weren’t there. So 700 images of this wedding where now gone. I wanted to die. How do you tell someone,”Not sure what happened but those 700 images we took, they’re just not there, sorry!” Well I was up all night, cold sweats, and pretty much throwing up. The next morning I though I would try to find someone that could retrieve the info so I did a search on Google and the first result was what I expected, “expensive!” and second was your website and product. So I thought I would give it a shot and when it worked I almost cried. You just can’t put a price on someones wedding memories but the fact that it was only $45.00 was awesome as well. I would have paid a lot more to have this done but it saved so much more. My reputation and probably thousands of dollars. I would have had to refund money and probably done free stuff just to make up for the disaster. The coolest thing was when I took another flash card and formated it just as test to see what would happen and it totally worked on that as well. I have way more confidence in digital now that I have Flash Fixers. I would recommend your product to anyone and I will definitely be tell all my friends and anyone else I can about this amazing program. You have saved me from so grief and heart ache. Thank so much for everything!!!”
Scott Adolph, Sculptures of Light Photography
“Words cannot express how pleased I am with the services provided by FlashFixers. Recently, my iPhone 3GS died and went up to the bitten apple in the sky to join its maker. It took five years’ worth of my most precious memories along with it. I was completely devastated thinking I had lost those memories forever. I came across FlashFixers through an online forum. Someone had a similar problem to mine and one of the respondents suggested FlashFixers as a solution. I researched the company and decided to give them a try. Mr. Gurecki and his staff at FlashFixers were so attentive and professional when I spoke to them on the phone. I mailed in my iPhone to them and a week later I received a call from Mr. Gurecki informing me that all my data was successfully recovered. I literally cried tears of joy at that very moment. I felt as though five years of my life had been given back to me! I do want to add that my iPhone was not easy to work with, as it had a lot of corruptions and hardware malfunctions. FlashFixers was somehow able to work around all these issues and recover all my data — over a thousand photos/videos, business contacts and 80,000+ text messages — and all without a single backup. These people are truly AMAZING! I will be forever grateful to them for everything they did and all the memories they recovered. Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”
Gretel Arredondo, Laredo, Texas, US

“Rich at FlashFixers did a great job of recovering my photos and calendar. I had thought I was properly syncing my entire phone to “the cloud” but found out the hard way I wasn’t. When my Galaxy S6 was damaged to the point that the touchscreen was damaged and unusable, Rich recovered approximately 1000 photo’s and hundreds of past and future calendar events. Rich was very professional and performed the recovery in a timely fashion. Thanks Rich, I greatly appreciate your efforts.”

Stephen Comeau
FlashFixers, the “we never quit company.” FlashFixers gave me the most miraculous gift. They recovered all of my lost 2016 photos.
How had I lost them? In August, walking by the Venetian Fort in Heraklion, Crete, I was “baptized” by the Cretan Sea. A rogue wave drenched me…… and my cell phone! We dutifully bought rice and placed the phone in the rice. We set the phone in sunshine. NOTHING.
Once I was back home in NYC, Ryan Link, from Nashville, suggested I send my salt-watered Samsung Phone to FlashFixers. I had already been to Verizon and to the place they suggested in The City. NOTHING.
I had not much hope, but had committed to try three companies before I would give up. FlashFixers was the second place I sent my phone. SUCCESS!!! MIRACULOUS SUCCESS!
I cannot thank them enough for giving me back my tangible memories of 2016.
When you are “in a fix” ….contact FlashFixers IMMEDIATELY. They are the best.”
Marilynn Scott Murphy
“Thank you for your fast service and follow up. The whole process was excellent, as was your pricing. Great value for the money spent.”
Nick Hrlic, Sterling Heating and Air Conditioning
“Our iPhone was crashed by a car and the screen is totally smashed. It doesn’t turn on at all, although FindMyiPhone can still locate it. There are many 3rd party softwares claiming to be able to restore the data, we tried a few of them, but none of them actually worked, all stuck at the step of asking you to input the password through the screen, which in our case didn’t work the phone was totally dead. We tried to use a keyboard with the lightening port, it didn’t work either. Apple store technician tried to replace with a new screen hoping it will start up so we can input the password and proceed with iTune backup, but still failed. We even tried to open the phone ourselves to see if we can make it start up, but nothing worked. We were very frustrated and disappointed, it has more than 6000 pictures recording more than half a year of our life. Fortunately, we found FlashFixers when searching through Google. The price they charge is much lower than other vendors in this area, and the whole experience is very good. They fixed it very quickly after receiving the phone, and returned our data through a flash drive. They even didn’t charge for any deposit for the flash drive they sent in, simply requesting us to return after we copied the data. They are very nice people to deal with, and most importantly, they can help you to retrieve your data back when all other approaches I tried as mentioned above failed, including AppleStore. Definitely will use their service next time and would be very happy recommend to other people in the similar situation!”
Yilei Xu
“You have no idea how pleased I was that you were able to recover my photographs from my damaged Compact Flash Card. your prompt service and customer communication were outstanding. It was a pleasure to be able to pick up the phone–easily contact–And be promptly notified about the results of the examination of my flash card. you did everything you said you would do–unlike the way so many businesses seem to operate today. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who asks. The pictures you recovered were not replaceable– they were of a hockey legend Gordie Howe. I am grateful that you could provide such a service!! Thanks again.”
Lynn W. Gregg, Canton, MI
“Recently I sent you a photo flash card that contained 470 photos from our recent once in a lifetime trip to Australia. The flash card had been damaged when it was removed from a card reader slot in a computer before the operation had been shut down. We were no longer able to read the photo card, so we could not see or print the photos. I found your company through a Google search and sent the photo card to you. You recovered all 470 photos. We obviously never met, I only knew you from your website. I was extremely pleased, not only with the fact that you recovered our photos, but with your professionalism. You even called me at work to let me know that you had been able to recover the photos – which made my day!! My photo card and the disk I had requested were promptly shipped and the package include a detailed invoice of the charges along with some helpful hints on how to avoid similar problems. You folks are the best! Thanks for everything.”
Gary G. Ascher, Sparta, WI
“You have truly been a life saver and such a pleasure to talk with on the phone. You were extremely helpful. I thought our vacation pics were gone forever and you retrieved them. I just received the dvd and they are great. What a great service you have provided!! I am not very good putting my thoughts into words, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want everyone to know what a great service you offer. I was devastated to think my pictures were gone forever. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t a big deal and that I would always remember the trip in my head, but the thoughts of them being gone kept creeping back into my head. You were truly a life saver, or at least a “mind and heart” saver. Again – thank you.”
Cindy Gardner, Cullman AL
“I was very upset when I found my digital camera memory chip had gone bad. I had nearly 215 of my vacation pictures in them. These pictures were very valuable to us as we had been planning this special vacation for years. We went to many stores but none of them could help us. Finally, after nearly loosing all the hope, I searched for data recovery on web. Number of sites came up but Flash Fixers seemed most attractive to me. They were specifically for digital camera photo recovery and their charges were the least of all (plus no charge for no recovery). And this was just my initial judgment. Upon dealing with them I discovered that their customer services were excellent, and their response time was phenomenal. They gave personal attention to my case. And of course the best thing was that I got my photos back, all 215 of them! I sent the memory card to them on Monday and by Thursday noon I had all my photos back on my desktop. I can’t tell you how glad I am to get all these valuable pictures back. I have been really impressed by your services. Five stars!”
Ashutosh Kalsi, Wollaston, MA
“Everything worked great. I did try the lite version first to check it out and that helped in my decision a lot. I also tried another company’s product. But I liked ImageRecall’s user interface and ease of use much better. I also appreciated the fact that you allow to actually recall and save 10 pix on the trial version. The other company only allowed me to “see” them. I have already recommended it to others. It was/is definitely a big help.”
Rich Glenn
“I have to tell you that your software really saved me. I found your software on download.com. I work for a large school picture company & one of my photographers decided to delete almost 200 pictures she had captured & a school that was a brand new account for us. I went to download.com & searched for image recovery tools & downloaded several demos in search of one that would work. Lucky for me, yours worked. The $40 I spent on your software probably saved my company thousands of dollars.”
Jeff Williams, Ohio School Pictures
“Just wanted to let you know that yet another CF card went crazy. I can’t get to my data, so I sent the card to you, the guru of CF problems. You did an incredible job for me the last time this happened, while I was running around panicking, thinking I had lost wedding photos, and it was all for nothing… I am passing your name on to all the other digital photographers I know.”
Pepper Nix, Pepper Nix Photography
“The software is great!!! Yes, I tried the lite version first and then immediately purchased the full version. I have a lifetime guarantee on my 128 mb Sandisk memory stick with and had previously sent it in two times and was very satisfied with your recovery process. I was going to have to send it in again – this time, I tried to get one more picture with a low battery and poof – there went my pictures. I was glad to have the lifetime guarantee service, but was not looking forward to having to send it in and wait – even though your service is very quick. I was so surprised to see the recovery software offer on your website – it was just what I needed – I was able to recover my pictures the very same day I lost them – Wow! Absolutely, I would recommend it to my friends. Thank you for offering such great products and service!”
Kathy Blankenship
“After using the lite version I was able to recover 10 of my pictures and after buying the full version I was also successful in recovering all of the precious images from my vacation in the Yucatan. I had tried other software samples from free downloads and found them to be very difficult to use. Your software was very simple to use and for a non-computer geek like myself that was most appreciated. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks for your personal attention and concern, something you don’t often get when purchasing something from the Internet.”
Tom Inderkum
“I can’t tell you how happy and completely satisfied I am with and your courteous and prompt service. I was in absolute agony over the anticipated loss of 140 of my recent vacation photos on a SmartMedia card. Repeated communications with Olympus yielded virtually no help except to possibly try a recovery service. I am forever grateful that you could recover over 120 of my photos. If you ever need a testimonial I will be extremely happy to provide one. I thank you so very much.”
John Ayres, Auburn, CA
“The CD filled with our Christmas memories just arrived. The pictures are perfectly restored. There are no words strong enough to thank you and Flashfixers! I really thought the photos were gone for good. You have changed all that. The speed with which all this has been done is incredible. I sent my smartcard to you last Sat. and today, Wed., I have the wonderful results on my computer! I plan to give information about to the computer store I use and also to the camera store. I shall of course let them know how pleased I have been with your service. Perhaps they can give the info to others who might run into comparable trouble.”
Carolyn Talbot Hoagland, East Lansing, MI
“I received the disc with the recovered picture files and my Microdrive. Thank you so much for your assistance, I really appreciate your help. I will speak well of you to my peer photographers about your service and my experience with you. I am sure that they will run into this problem themselves sometime in their lives dealing with this digital age stuff. Thanks again.”
Michael Ornelas, Photo' s Plus!
“Thank you so much for recovering the photographs. I have renamed them and copied them to CDs with the remainder of the holiday. It was indeed a joy to receive them as they were of a very important event in our lives and meant so much to my friends and family. Cheers.”
Ted Bealing, Auckland, New Zealand
“I did receive the disk… As far as your service is concerned — you are fabulous! I have told everyone I know about you!”
Alana G. Tompkins, The Bert M. Glaser National Retina Institute
“Thank you for the service above and beyond the ordinary. I did receive the CD, and was indeed able to pull out a few more pictures, for which I am truly grateful to you. Your service has been outstanding, and I will let everyone I know be aware of it.”
Rich Karakis, Executrain
“Thanks for your prompt emails and delivery. The Sandisk data was recovered, which also saved my fees for shooting several events in Los Angeles that I was hired to cover. Your company saved me from a potentially rotten situation with two clients. Again, my profuse thanks for your services.”
Joe Jarrell, Santa Monica, CA