Cell Phone Recovery Services

Is my data secure and safe with you?

We can assure you of the importance we place on keeping customer information confidential. It’s critical to the nature of my business and required for most clients. Here is an extract from our privacy policy: “We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. Your personal information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential.”

What is included as “basic recovery” for a cell phone?

Basic recovery includes photos and videos on a cell phone. We can also recover additional phone data such as, SMS Text Msgs, Calender, Notes, Call Logs, Emails, MMS, Voice Mails, Music, Bookmarks, or Call Logs. Please see price list below:

1 item: $50       2-3 items: $100         All items: $150

Will my phone come back in the same condition that I sent it?

We will always send the phone back in the same condition that we received it, unless we are told otherwise or talk to you first.

How long does it usually take to recover data from cell phones?

Depending on the situation, it will usually take between two and six weeks. We will always call if it will take any longer than that.

I ran over my cell phone with my car and it is completely crushed. Is there any way to recover the data?

We have successfully recovered data from many cases with similar problems. As long as your phone is semi-intact, we can give it a try. We will know more after we evaluate the phone but we would definitely recommend you send it in to us.

I jumped in a pool with my phone in my pocket and now it is completely dead. Is there any way to get the data back?

Yes, we specialize in water damaged cell phones. We would absolutely recommend sending the phone to us for data recovery.

I need to return my damaged iPhone to my insurance within a week. Can you recover my data in that time?

We have an expedited fee of $100 to ensure we will recover everything we can and return your phone within a week. There is no guarantee it will be a successful recovery, but we will do everything we can.

My overheated and died on me. Is there any way to get the data back?

Yes, we have worked with many phones with the same problem. We would definitely recommend sending it in to us.

What is your success rate for water-damaged iPhones and Androids?

You’ll sleep better tonight knowing that our cell phone data recovery lab has better than an 85% success rate of getting back your lost photos, videos, contacts and other content from water damage phones!

Do I still need to pay the $75 even if you can’t recover anything?

Yes. The evaluation fee is non-refundable and will still be charged if the recovery is unsuccessful. Even if we can’t recover your data, we still put a lot of work into doing everything we can.

Can you retrieve data from an iPhone factory reset?

Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to recover any data from a factory reset. All the information could be taken from the chip, but it will be a complete scramble.

Do you insure the phones when you send them back to us?

If you’d like us to insure the phone, it is a $10 insurance fee. We have never had a problem with sending the phones or data back to our customers, but we understand if you’d like to be extra careful.

How do you ship us our phones and data?

We generally use the US Postal Service as Priority Mail to ship your phones and data. If you’d like us to use a different carrier (UPS or Fed Ex) we would be happy to.

Do you supply us with a tracking number?

We update all of our customers’ online invoices with their tracking number as soon as we create their shipping label. If you’d like us to send you the tracking number by email, just ask.

Will you keep us posted on the status of our phones or should we call or email you?

As soon as the technician knows anything, he will contact you immediately. It doesn’t hurt to call or email for an update on where the technician is currently working on your phone, but if there’s any news we will be contacting you.

Can you recover text messages?

Yes, if we have a successful recovery, we can also recover text messages. Text messages are found in a different database and will cost an extra $50, but it is possible.

Can you repair my water damaged phone so I can continue using it?

We do not repair the cell phones – we just recover the data. There have been cases where recovering the data does repair the cell phone, but we do not recommend you continue using the phone after. It is likely that it will die on you again and possibly lose more of your data.

Can you unlock iPhones or iPads with pass codes?

We can attempt to unlock iPhones or iPads depending on their current iOS (operating system). We cannot get through the most recent operating systems so we would need to evaluate to know.

My iPhone shows the apple symbol, but won’t get past it. What does this mean?

Do you work with iPads?

Unfortunately, we do not work with iPads at this time.

Can you recover photos that I accidentally deleted from my phone?

Is there a difference from salt water damage and fresh water damage?

Can you fix cracked screens?

We can repair cracked screens on cell phones. We keep many extra iPhone screen replacements in the shop, but if you need an Android screen replacement, we would have to order that which can take some time. Pricing for cracked iPhones: iPhone 4/4s is $95, iPhone 5/5s is $125, iPhone 6 is $150, iPhone 6 Plus is $175. Please call or email for Android screen replacement pricing.

Hard Drive Recovery Services

Is there an evaluation fee for hard drives?

Yes. There is a $75 non-refundable evaluation fee for hard drives that will be applied toward the full recovery cost if there is a successful recovery.

How long does it take to evaluate a hard drive?

Hard drive evaluations can take a couple days but we usually have a chance to     evaluate the hard drive the same day we receive it.

How long does it take to recover data from HDDs?

Can you recover data from a hard drive that was dropped?

When I plug my hard drive into my computer, it says that it needs to be formatted. What does that mean and can you retrieve my data from it?

My hard drive keeps making a clicking noise and it isn’t recognized in my computer. What does that mean?

I can feel the motor running on my hard drive, but it isn’t recognized on my computer. What does this mean and can you fix it/recover my files?

What is the difference between an external hard drive and internal hard drive?

What does it mean if my hard drive has bad heads that need to be replaced?

What is the difference between a non-invasive recovery and needing a cleanroom?

What does it mean if you take my hard drive to a cleanroom?

How long does it take to recover my files if it is non-invasive?

How long does it take to recover my files if it requires a cleanroom?

Memory Card/USB Flash Drive Recovery Services

How does your lab service work?

You complete our Service Request Form and send it to us with your flash memory card. Our Image Recovery Labs will attempt to recover your lost or missing files. Any recovered files are copied to a CD-R and sent back to you with your memory card.

Is there an evaluation fee for memory cards or USB flash drives?

No. There is a free evaluation for memory cards and USB flash drives.

How much does the recovery service cost?

Evaluation for memory cards is free. Memory card recovery prices start at $40 for the first 1 GB of data recovered. Each additional GB of recovered data is $15.  The total price includes a copy of the recovered files on CD or DVD, free lifetime recoveries for that memory card, and return shipping by first class mail. Certain recoveries may require more extensive work such as removing the memory chip or attaching wires to test points on the card, with service costs ranging from $300 to $600. For our full pricing list, including recovery prices from phones and hard drives, see our Pricing page.

What is the success rate?

Historically, files from over 95% of cards are recovered if picture data is present. Successful recovery of deleted files or formatted cards is camera-dependent. Some camera use full zeroing formats (e.g. Fuji, Sony, and Olympus) that overwrite the data and cannot recovered.

How long does it take?

Most files from cards can be recovered within 24 to 48 hours from the time they are received. Occasionally, more difficult recoveries can take 3-5 business days. There is no additional charge for premium service.

Should I do anything before sending you my damaged card?

Once you’ve decided to send your card, don’t do anything further to the card. Do not attempt to format, or write additional files or pictures to the card. Package the card carefully in a well padded envelope or box, complete the Service Request Form and send the card to the address listed on the form.

Do you only recover damaged memory cards only from digital cameras?

Though the majority of recoveries sent in to are for digital images, FlashFixers can also recover files from just about any format of lost data including sound files, movies files, data files and others.

Can I reuse the damaged card once it is returned?

Yes, in most cases. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for formatting the card first. FlashFixers also offers a free low-level format. You can also purchase a lifetime recovery warranty for only $10 per card.

Do you do anything to the card before it is returned?

We do not modify or format the card in any way. Our recovery process is non-destructive and does not require writing to the card. Recovered files are extracted and sent to you via CD or email.

Can I recover the deleted/damaged files myself?

Yes it may be possible if you use an image recovery program like ImageRecall which does not write to the card in any way. Be careful, some general file utility recovery programs (e.g. Norton Undelete) can write incorrect file descriptors to the card and cause the actual data content to become garbled. This makes a secondary recovery process more difficult or impossible.

Can you recover pictures I accidentally deleted on my memory card?

Yes, we can recover accidental deletions for memory cards. However, if you continued to use the memory card after you deleted the photos, then the pictures deleted will be overwritten and irretrievable. For every picture you take on the card, another picture will be overwritten. Best chance of recovery is to send the card into us as soon as the photos are deleted.

Can you recover data off a reformatted card?

Can you recover pictures from my memory card if it was broken in half?

What is the difference between an SD card and a micro SD card?

Can you get data off a broken USB Flash Drive?

Yes, we recover data from many USB flash drives with broken connectors. We assess the condition of the USB and make necessary repairs on the broken pads and etches using micro-soldering techniques. It’s usually a temporary fix that holds just long enough to get the data off the drive. Our confidence is very high to fix broken flash drives. The flat rate price is $199.

Can you repair my broken USB Flash Drive?

We do not repair the broken USB Flash Drives – we just recover the data off of them.

Computer Services

What services does FlashFixers offer?

FlashFixers has more to offer than just laptop and computer repair. We also offer Android & iPhone data recovery, onsite IT support, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, & Media Card data recovery, virus removal, and more!

Do you do house visits or do I need to drag my desktop computer all the way there?

As long as you’re a local customer, we definitely do house visits. We understand the struggle of bringing a desktop computer into our shop!

Do you charge for “travel time”?

No. Our rate is inclusive of travel time, parking and tolls.

How quickly will you have a technician physically dispatched to my location?

We can usually have a tech out to you the same or next day.

What is the pricing for computer repairs?

Our pricing is determined by the amount of time it takes to repair the computer. It is $75 per hour of labor. Additional costs depend on if we need to buy parts for the repair, but we will determine that ahead of time.

Do you work on all brands of computers?

Yes. We can work on any brand of computer.

I purchased my computer used and I don’t have any of the original software or drivers available. Can you still help me?

Yes. Typically a technician will be able to restore your original applications, data and serial numbers without having the original software CD’s or manuals.

I just bought a new computer and I am not familiar with how to set up Microsoft Office and Outlook. Is that something you can help me with?

Yes. We can definitely help set up your new computer with whatever features you’d like.

I do not know what is wrong with my computer but it is running slow and doing strange things. Can you evaluate it and tell me what you find?

Yes. We have a free evaluation for computer repair. After the evaluation, we can explain to you what we found and you can determine if you’d like us to solve the issue for you.

I have broken my power connector inside of my laptop, can you fix it?

If your laptop won’t power up or there is a little wiggle room in your DC jack we can help. We will disassemble your laptop and fix your DC-jack for a flat rate. All our repairs are done by our trained technicians so there are no long wait times!

My computer keeps overheating because the fan is broken. Can you install a new fan?

Yes. We would need to order the specific fan for your computer, then we can install it for you.

My Laptop Screen broke. Can you replace this? If so, What is the process?

Yes, we can replace broken/cracked screens. We first remove the cracked/broken screen to obtain the correct model number that can only be found on the backside of the laptop screen. We then order a replacement screen from one of our resellers. Shipping takes 3-5 business days. As soon as we receive the replacement screen, we complete the repair. You can always get expedited shipping if you need your computer fixed in a shorter time frame.

My computer has a virus and is running very slow. Can you fix it?

Yes, we do virus removal. We have a free evaluation to determine the exact problem with your computer and then we will work to remove it.

Do I need to bring my power cord?

We do have extra power cords here, but we would prefer if you bring your own. We don’t have every type of power cord so it will reassure us to use yours. We will label it and keep it with your computer.

Do I need to bring my keyboard and computer monitor?

No. We have keyboards and monitors here for us to use.

How long will it take to get my computer diagnosed and repaired?

We guarantee to start diagnostics on your computer. Rather than just putting a band aid on the situation and having you return at a later date with the same issue, we prefer to dig deep and discover the underlying circumstances and solve the actual problem, not just treat the symptoms. With thousands of hardware and software variables to look through, sometimes these things take time. Every machine is different and as such, every problem is unique. We work diligently, late into the night and weekends if needed, to solve the problem and get your machine back to you as quickly as possible.

Do you work on Apple Computers?

Yes. With a combined experience of over 20 + years working with Apple computers, we have access to special tools that provides us to be able to diagnose and repair Apple Computers, which other shops claiming to repair Apple computers do not have. We can even setup a backup solution for you via Time Machine.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes! We will always work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. If you ever have a question or concerns over a service, we are ready to make sure you are happy with your service.

Please understand the volatile nature of computers, and that some problems can be recurring but not necessarily due to poor service on our part. For example; some computers are reinfected with the same virus or spyware after a user repeats the same actions that got the system infected in the first place.

If you have service performed and are not happy with the results we will work with you to complete the job to your satisfaction.