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Memory Cards/USB Drives

Data Recovered Price
Evaluation Free
Up to 1GB $40
1GB-2GB $55
2GB-3GB $70
Each Add’l GB $15
Search for Deleted Photos $50
Fix Broken USB Connector $150+
Chip-Off Recovery $300-$500+

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Photos / Videos / etc. Price
iPhone Evaluation $75*
iPhone Recovery $399
Android Evaluation Free**
Android Recovery (Chip-Off) $299**

*Paid evaluation is non-refundable but credited to full recovery price

**Newer Android phones with 6.0 or 7.0 by default – including Samsung S8, S7 and S6 (All versions),  Note 4, and Note 5 have a $75 evaluation fee with a $399 recovery price, the same as iPhone. Android phones with a bootloop issue have a standard recovery price of $299 that can be recovered through chip-off.

Basic Recovery includes Photos and Videos.

Recovery of Database Items (e.g. Contacts, Text Messages, Notes, Call Logs, App Data) is additional charge as follows:

  • + $50/Item
  • + $100/3 Items
  • + $150 All Items

An iTunes Backup is also available for an additional $50.

We do not recover deleted photos or videos from smartphones because they are really gone!

Finding other deleted content from databases (e.g. text messages) from a phone’s internal memory requires prepayment of the full recovery price – regardless of final results.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drives/SSD Price
Evaluation* $75
Non-Invasive $300-$600
Invasive $800-$1,100 +
Custom Recoveries Price
Deleted Videos $250 +
Decrypt WD My Book $500 +
RAID (0, 5, 6, 10) $800 +

*Paid evaluation is non-refundable but credited to full recovery price

Invasive includes donor drive & cleanroom service.

Additional charge applies for the media used to save recovered files. Customer can always supply their own unused or blank media for this purpose.