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Memory Card Data Recovery Service

FlashFixers recovers
more photos than anyone
else from memory cards.

With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for your data and computer needs.

Since 2002 we have saved countless digital photos from tens of thousands of memory cards sent by families, professionals and everyday photo enthusiasts. Our high throughput memory card photo recovery services brings outstanding value and quality to our customers. We recover thousands of images each day from dozens and dozens of memory cards sent to us by individuals and major retail stores like Walgreens. We have refined our photo recovery processes and techniques to be very efficient resulting in a recovery success rate of over 95% when picture data exists on the card. We recover photos and data from all manufacturers of memory cards and in all capacities.

We recover more photos from SD cards

FlashFixers recovers photos, videos, music, and others files from SD or Secure Digital cards, including the popular microSD cards used in smartphones. Here are some of our recovery capabilities:

  • Recover deleted photos from SD card
  • Recover deleted movies from SD card
  • Recover photos from formatted SD card
  • Recover photos from micro SD card and mobile phones
  • Recover photos from broken or damaged SD card
  • Recover photos from non-working SD card
  • Recover photos from unreadable SD card
  • Recover photos from corrupt SD card
  • Fix grayed out or scrambled jpg photos on SD card

We recover more photos from CF cards

CF cards, or Compact Flash cards, today are most commonly found memory cards in professional SLR cameras. They are the fastest and most durable type of memory card. CF cards are more likely to contain raw images. FlashFixers offers the following recovery services for CF cards:

  • Recover photos and raw images from formatted CF card
  • Recover deleted photos and raw images from CF card
  • Recover photos from broken or damaged CF card
  • Recover photos from non-working CF card
  • Recover photos from unreadable CF card
  • Recover photos from corrupt CF card
  • Recover lost movies or videos from CF card
  • Fix grayed out or scrambled jpg photos on CF card

We recover more photos from all other types of memory cards and flash media

Although SD, microSD, and CF cards are the most popular media used in today’s latest digital cameras and cell phones, lost pictures from media used in legacy cameras can also happen. FlashFixers Lab services these different media types:

  • Recover photos from Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Recover photos from MMC (MultiMedia card)
  • Recover photos from SmartMedia
  • Recover photos from xD Picture card
  • Recover photos from mini-SD card
  • Recover photos from USB Flash Drive
  • Fix grayed out or scrambled jpg photos on the memory card

FlashFixers offers two recovery levels for memory cards:

1. Standard recovery.

In the standard recovery, the card is accessed externally using either a card reader or special connectors to gain access to the card. If the card responds, the data is read from the card and converted into photos or other file formats. Prices are based on the amount of data recovered and start at $40 for the first GB of data. Each additional GB of recovered data is $15, so that recoveries up to 2GB are $55, up to 3GB are $70, and so on. Recoveries are saved to CD (700MB or less) or DVD (up to 4.2GB). Even larger recoveries may be saved to a USB flash drive. The recovery price the cost of the media and return shipping. If there is no recovery, we will ship the media back to you for a $10 service and shipping fee.

2. Chip level recovery.

Some cards do not respond to standard level recovery and require chip level recovery. For this type of recovery, the NAND memory chips containing the photos are physically removed from the card. The chips are then inserted into a suitable memory extractor and read bit by bit. The data is converted into files and photos using proprietary algorithms that match to the manufacturer and type of controller IC. Success rates are about 70% depending on the manufacturer. FlashFixers is one of the few companies in the world specializing in this type of chip removal and data recovery. This service typically costs $300 to $600, depending on the capacity of the memory card and paid only if successful. There is a $75 non-refundable deposit which applies towards the recovery cost.
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