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Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

FlashFixers offers fast,
affordable and local
hard drive data recovery services.

With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for your data and computer needs.

We perform no-hassle data recovery services for Nationwide and Seacoast NH area businesses, home offices and home computers. FlashFixers specializes in recovering photos, but we extend our recovery to include all types of data lost from any brand of internal or external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card or CD/DVD. Whether your data loss is as a result of physical problems, logical errors, accidental deletions or formatting, or just operator error, FlashFixers recovery experts are there to give you peace of mind with the latest technologies and best chance for recovery success.

Common Issues Resulting in Data Loss:

  • Corrupted operating system
  • Accidentally deleted files or folders
  • Physical problems (dropped, broken, water or fire damage)
  • Logical problems (viruses, file corruption, bad sectors)
  • Unknown encryption or password protection
  • Network drive errors
  • Drive mechanical failures (clicking, whining, buzzing)
  • Failed PCB or internal electrical components
  • Firmware issues
  • Reformatting before data backup
  • Power surges or power loss
  • Accidentally overwriting data
  • Human error
  • Overheating
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Failed upgrades or new installs
  • Virus or malware damage

FlashFixers recovers data from most all operating systems, configurations and types of storage, including:

  • Internal hard drives from servers/notebooks/desktops
  • External hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • Windows/Mac OS/Unix operating systems (All Versions)
  • Standard RAID 0/1/2/5 Configurations
  • FAT/NTFS/HFS/Ex2/Ex3/Ex4
  • SATA/SAS/USB2/USB3/Firewire 400/800
  • iPads/iPods/iPhones/SmartPhones/MP3 Players
  • Mobile Operating Systems iOS/Android/Blackberry/WebOS

What should you do if you suspect or experience loss of data?

  • Immediately stop writing to the media
  • Power down or remove the media if possible
  • Contact FlashFixers to discuss the next step

Storage media can fail in many different ways. However,the data stored on the media is not always lost. FlashFixers uses specific techniques based on the type of failure to recover the lost data. This may include imaging the media to resolve bad sectors; replacing defective PCBs or connectors; replacing heads in a Class 100 clean room controlled environment; and rebuilding corrupted file systems. Our environment is secure and we will protect the confidentiality of your data using the highest standards.

Don’t Panic! Help is closer than you think.

For Seacoast NH area business, FlashFixers also offers local pickup and delivery for a flat $25 fee. Or, drop off your hard drive or other media at our convenient Stratham office location any weekday from 9am-5pm. Visit us at 81 Portsmouth Ave (route 108), Stratham, NH or call us at 603-775-7600. We are in the Philbrick Office Park across from Bunker Hill Ave and the new Police Station. FlashFixers is located downstairs in Suite C.

If you are outside our area, or if you are local but would prefer to send your media to us by mail or courier, just click the Submit Service Request button below or call us at 888-834-9377.

FlashFixers (Main Office & Local Drop-Offs)
One New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 125
Portsmouth, NH 03801

FlashFixers (Mailing Address)
6 Merles Lane
Stratham, NH 03885

Toll Free (888) 834-9377 or Local (603) 775-7600


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