There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling you get when you accidentally drop your iPhone in water. You never know if it will survive- and you don’t even want to think about what your parents will say if it doesn’t.

Saving your phone from water damage is a race against the clock. As mobile phone data recovery experts, we assist with these types of situations on a regular basis. We’ve compiled 4 ways to save your iPhone after it takes an accidental dip.

1.Take Immediate First Steps- Time is of the Essence

What you do immediately after you retrieve your phone from water is critical to avoiding extensive damage. Make sure all three of these steps are taken before trying any additional methods to save your iPhone.

For starters, turn your phone off. You don’t want any water to connect with live electrical elements. It’s also important not to charge your phone during this time period.

Once your iPhone has been powered off, remove everything from your phone. This includes any cases, SIM cards, cables, and headphones. Removing these elements gives the water more avenues to flow out from.

Wipe down your phone as much as possible and dry up any pooling water in the charging or headphone jacks. Try using q-tips or the edge of a micro fiber cloth to extract as much moisture as possible from the grooves your fingers can’t reach.

2. An Overnight Bag

Once you’ve taken the first steps to removing water from your iPhone, place your phone in a bag of rice or silica gel beads. Both of these materials are desiccants that will pull the moisture from your phone. Be sure to surround your iPhone with your chosen material so it dries evenly.

3.  Air Dry

Once you’ve done all you can to remove the water from your iPhone, you can leave your device on a paper towel for a minimum of 24 hours (ideally between 48 and 72 hours). Letting the moisture naturally work its way out of your iPhone can be an effective approach that makes mobile phone data recovery less likely.

4. Leave it Up to a Professional

Sometimes, after you take immediate measures to remove the water from your phone, your best bet for mobile phone data recovery is to pass your device to a professional. Get more information here about our mobile phone data recovery services.