New FBI TV Series Features Clips From FlashFixers’ Chip-Off Data Recovery Video

Have you seen the new FBI TV series on CBS? The show spares no details when it comes to showing what the chip-off data recovery process looks like. We should know! The show uses footage from one of our own chip-off data recovery YouTube videos. When CBS contacted us a few months ago about the [...]

How to Save Lost Data from a Dead Phone Using Chip-Off Data Recovery

A Samsung Galaxy S3 phone fell out of a car and was run over. It was completely dead, but the owner wanted to recover all of the phone's photos and videos. FlashFixers was able to recover all of the phone's internal data using the chip-off data recovery method. In this post, we use the Samsung [...]

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How to Make Your Phone Waterproof & What Mistakes to Avoid

Wouldn’t it be great if all phones were absolutely 100% waterproof? Think of all the accidental phone deaths that could be avoided from toilets, pools, and washing machines. Or instead, think or all of the adventures that you could take your phone on – underwater snorkeling, lazy river rafting, or a truly care-free day at [...]

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Customer Spotlight: Can You Recover Lost Files From a Broken GPS?

When Andrew’s GPS was run over and broken, he panicked! Losing his GPS data would mean repeating weeks’ worth of work. Fortunately, with help from FlashFixers, he didn’t have to! This broken GPS was run over by a truck. What Happened? This story is from Andrew Rist of Pine Ridge Technologies in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Andrew [...]

What Happened to Your Mobile Phones in 2015?

Every phone we get has a story. And every story starts with, “What happened?” Here’s a look at what happened to your mobile phones in 2015. What Happened to Your Mobile Phones in 2015? Create your own infographics We Do More than Mobile For more information on FlashFixers data recovery services, visit What crazy things have [...]

Customer Spotlight: Does Rain Really Ruin an iPhone?

Rain will likely ruin your iPhone, but that does not mean it will ruin your photos. How is that possible? Check out Noelle's story below. (If you are interested in learning about the extreme measures used to recover Noelle's photos, click here.) Noelle's Story: A Record-Breaking Catch Imagine breaking a state record, and then losing all evidence of it! This [...]

How to Recover Photos from a Water Damaged iPhone

A little rain can’t hurt. Unless, you are a smartphone. Rain kills smartphones! But rain does not always kill data! In this blog post, FlashFixers details the extreme measures used to successfully recover photos from a water damaged iPhone. Fixing a Water Damaged iPhone When rainwater got into Noelle’s iPhone 5s, it stopped working. All evidence of record-breaking moment [...]

Why Destroying Your Smartphone is Harder Than You Think: From a Digital Forensics Lab

Submerged in salt water for hours? No problem. Run over by a car? That’s ok. Hit with a hammer? You’d be surprised. In all of these situations, what’s keeping your smartphone “alive” is only the size of your fingertip – and as long as it’s intact so is all of your phone’s data, regardless of [...]