Warning: What Computer Techs Won’t Tell You about Data Recovery

Failure can be avoided by backing up to more than one place This advice has been offered for years, but not by computer techs that are interested in making serious money off digital photo recovery. If you're a professional photographer, the best course of action is to put measures in place to avoid losing your [...]

4 Ways to Save Your iPhone After Dropping it in Water

There's nothing quite like the sinking feeling you get when you accidentally drop your iPhone in water. You never know if it will survive- and you don't even want to think about what your parents will say if it doesn't. Saving your phone from water damage is a race against the clock. As mobile phone [...]

4 Ways to Destroy Your Flash Drive in 30 Seconds or Less

So you want to destroy a USB flash drive? Or perhaps you think you already have. Either way, there's something you need to know... Even if a USB flash drive is destroyed, the data on the flash drive might still be accessible. Well, at least to a data recovery expert. (More on that later.) First, we'll cover a couple ways [...]

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