Rain will likely ruin your iPhone, but that does not mean it will ruin your photos.

How is that possible? Check out Noelle’s story below. (If you are interested in learning about the extreme measures used to recover Noelle’s photos, click here.)

Noelle’s Story: A Record-Breaking Catch

Imagine breaking a state record, and then losing all evidence of it! This is exactly what happened to Noelle. Although this sounds like a sad story, it has a happy ending.

Noelle made the catch of a lifetime when she caught a pregnant Cutthroat Trout in Colorado last July. The trout had somehow survived the winter in a crystal clear lake. It was so big that it would be a new state record, the largest ever caught in Colorado. Noelle took many pictures of the beautiful fish to record the catch and to show her friends and family.  After returning the trout to the lake, she headed back to tell her tale.

Record breaking cutthroat trout from a water damaged iPhone 5s

Noelle shows off the pregnant Cutthroat Trout she caught.

The Fish Gets Away

On the way back, a summer rainstorm came on suddenly. Noelle’s iPhone 5s with the pictures of her prized catch was in her rain jacket. Unknown to Noelle, rainwater had seeped into her jacket pocket. After the storm had passed, she attempted to turn the phone on, but there was nothing! The phone was dead. Rainwater had gotten into the phone, eliminating all proof of her record-setting catch. She tried to revive the iPhone by burying it in rice, but that did nothing. Desperate for help, Noelle did a quick online search which brought up FlashFixers. She read that the company specialized in data recovery from water damaged phones. She decided to give them a try.

The Catch of the Day is Saved

When FlashFixers data recovery experts received Noelle’s water damaged iPhone, it was unresponsive. That’s because when rainwater evaporates, it can leave behind contaminants that cause corrosion. And corrosion prevents phones from working. The recovery experts had to open up the phone to identify the corroded areas. They cleaned the inside of the phone and removed the corrosion, but the phone would still not work. They began looking at individual components and discovered a faulty part. Once they replaced the faulty part, the iPhone 5s worked!

Almost immediately the iPhone turned on with all Noelle’s photos still there! FlashFixers says, “It was a successful recovery, and we couldn’t have been more excited to share the news with Noelle! Her 1009 pictures and 9 videos were saved and as a result, so were her memories.” This was one fish that did not get away!

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