Water Damaged Mobile Phone Data Recovery

water damaged phone recovery

Tried fixing a phone
with water damage…
and it still doesn’t work?
FlashFixers specializes in
recovering data from
liquid damaged
iPhones and Androids

With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for recovering your water damaged phone’s lost data.

Water Damaged Phone Data Recovery Experts

Do you know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach after realizing that your phone got wet and no longer works?

Have you lost hope in recovering photos and data from your water damaged phone? If so, don’t give up. We can help!

Data recovery is our specialty, but restoring data from water damaged phones is our niche! Two out of every three phones that we service has experienced some type of water damage.

If you think your device is beyond repair, or if you have any doubt about whether your data can be saved, we want to hear about it. Your peace of mind and your data are important to us. 

With our high success rates, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service, you can confidently choose FlashFixers as the best company for your water damaged phone recovery. Call us today! You’ll be glad you did.

“I was extremely stressed out about the prospect of losing some priceless photos and videos on my phone. Navigating the strange new world of data recovery only made matters worse, I encountered a lot of over-eager salespeople and absolutely ludicrous pricing. All that changed when I got in touch with FlashFixers. Everyone there was quick and extremely helpful without ever being pushy, and communication was top-notch. Although at first I worried that the price was too good to be true. Turns out that the company’s reputation and track record were impeccable, so I sent my irreplaceable phone to New Hampshire and hoped for the best. At every step of the way, FlashFixers was the epitome of professionalism. Emails and phone calls were prompt, positive, polite and best of all, they were good news: I had my phone back in a couple of weeks and every one of my photos and videos had been saved! I still can’t believe the reasonable price when I consider the exceptional quality of service I received. I hope you never lose your data but if you do, I would unhesitatingly give FlashFixers my absolute highest recommendation. They’re miracle workers, and they’re very humble about it. Truth.” – Chris Chiarella

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You CAN Recover Data from a Water Damaged Phone (Even When It Won’t Turn On)

How do you fix a wet phone? You can dry it off, take it apart, and put it in a bowl of rice for a few days… BUT after all that, what if it still doesn’t work.

The reason? Corrosion. 

When almost any liquid evaporates, it leaves behind residue, contaminants, and salts. These unwelcome deposits wreak havoc on connectors, batteries, and electronics. As a result, corrosion develops on the internal phone circuitry.

When power or electricity is applied to a phone that has internal corrosion, the result is often shorted connections, intermittent operations, or outright failures.

Unless a water damaged phone is cleaned from the inside out, there will likely be corrosion preventing the phone from working properly.

iPhone Corroded Connectors Before

iPhone Connectors After Ultrasonic Cleaning

iPhone Corroded Battery Terminals Before

iPhone Battery Terminals After Ultrasonic Cleaning

So what can you do to recover your photos, videos, text messages, contacts and other data from a water damaged phone? Before you submit an insurance claim, or take it back to the cell phone store for warranty claim or replacement, call FlashFixers right now to get your data back!

“My 2 year old daughter threw my wife’s iPhone into the pool, and we lost about 7,000 photos and videos. After numerous attempts at having the phone assessed by Mac and third-party stores in our area, we were informed that the phone was done, that the data were irrecoverable, and that there was no hope. They were wrong! Weeks after the event I sent it to FlashFixers. They recovered everything with such a quick turnaround. Unbelievably grateful!” – Jack Ross

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What Data Can Be Recovered From a Water Damaged iPhone or Android Phone?

FlashFixers can recover any data that was on the phone prior to it getting wet. Examples of data that can be recovered include:

  • Photos and videos
  • Text messages
  • Call records
  • Contacts
  • Voicemails
  • Notes and voice memos
  • Call Recordings
  • App data

We can recover photos and data from ANY water damaged phone, but the most common phone models that we work with include:

  • All iPhones (especially iPhone 7, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5 models)
  • All Samsung Galaxy phones (including Note, S5, S4)
  • HTC phones
  • Blackberry phones
  • Nokia phones
  • Motorola phones
  • Android phones

Don’t see your specific phone model listed? That’s alright! We are prepared to recover data from any mobile device. We have the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to get your data back.

“FlashFixers deserves more than 5 stars in every aspect of service they provide. Not only did they miraculously recover data (containing years of precious family and newborn pictures) from my galaxy alpha phone after it went through a full cycle of laundry but also Rich’s professionalism is exceptional. I live in Canada and I went everywhere here and made so many phone calls to digital forensic services all over Canada to see if there was any hope in salvaging the data from my phone (which most businesses were not even familiar with as the alpha model isn’t popular). Every place told me there was nothing they could do because the “motherboard” was completely destroyed and they offered to discard and recycle my phone for me as I was assured there was just no hope. I didn’t give up and kept searching until I stumbled upon FlashFixers website and the reviews seemed that they performed miracles, but I was hesitant to believe it, but it was my last chance. I called Rich and he said he would give it a try. Throughout the process, Rich communicated very well and I would get detailed updates, as at first, it really did look like my situation was hopeless, even Rich was not very optimistic. But Rich did not give up. It was a process but I GOT ALL MY DATA RECOVERED, a miracle! The customer service, just like the actual work was exceptional and I cannot say that enough. I am beyond happy to be one of those satisfied customers who now gets to write a great review, just like the reviews I had read before, which gave me hope and got me to send my phone to FlashFixers.” – Anna Burns

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

Not as much as you’d think!

Other data recovery companies charge upwards of $1,500 for wet phone data recovery, treating it like a complex hard drive recovery that must be done in a clean room – but that’s not at all required for water damaged phones.

FlashFixers uses advanced troubleshooting techniques, and an expert knowledge base of issues specific to water damaged phones, in order to deliver superior data recovery service at an affordable price. Our equipment investment is specific to liquid damaged phones, and we do all the work in-house.

The cost for standard data recovery of water damaged phones is $299-$399 depending on the phone model. The standard price includes the recovery of all photos and videos, and is only charged if the recovery is successful. Contacts and text messages are in their own database and extracting them costs extra; other items (like notes and voice recordings) are available upon request for no additional charge. (Detailed fees on our Pricing Page.)

You only pay $75 for the initial evaluation and recovery attempt, which is fully applied towards the total recovery cost if successful.

“My experience using Flash Fixers could not have been better. After extensive water damage to my iPhone 6, I was extremely concerned about my loss of important data and over 7,000 photos and videos. Having sent my phone to another Data Recovery company, I was quoted an astronomical price and had written everything off as lost. Until I found Rich and the folks at Flash Fixers, who managed to save everything on my phone, VERY quickly and at 1/3 of the cost of competitors. I strongly recommend them for all of your data recovery needs!” – Ranney Moran

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How Does FlashFixers’ Water Damaged Phone Data Recovery Work?

Data recovery technicians in our forensics lab use a unique, proprietary data extraction process specifically designed for water damaged mobile phones. This process lets us recover all data directly from your phone, even if it doesn’t work at all. It’s also possible for us to recover your data, even if you’ve unsuccessfully tried.

When we receive your phone in the FlashFixers recovery lab, we will first completely disassemble it. We remove the soldered shields to expose the main logic board, and we examine the logic board under a high-powered microscope. We spot clean any corrosion and use ultrasonic cleaning to remove all contaminants on the logic board. Water damaged and liquid damaged phones typically have the most corrosion.

For some phones – like Motorola, LG, and earlier Samsung Galaxy models – we are able to recover the data using a chip-off method. During this process, we remove the memory chip from the phone’s logic board, read it in a separate chip reader, and interpret the results back into a filesystem where we can recover the files.

For other phones – like iPhones and newer Android phones – a successful recovery is dependent on getting the entire logic board to work. (This is due to the fact that the data is stored on the memory chip in an encrypted format. The key to decrypting this data is on the logic board in a separate place from the memory chip. Because both are needed to recover and read the data, the entire logic board must be in working order to successfully recover any data.)

For iPhones and newer Android phones, we perform board-level troubleshooting after ultrasonic cleaning, if necessary. This means we troubleshoot the problem to the component-level and replace individual components where required. This can be a time-consuming process as there are hundreds of components. Once the logic board is in working order, the data can be successfully extracted.

“Flash Fixers was able to recover our pictures when others could not. Wife dropped Motorola Droid phone in water (yes, the toilet), quickly retrieved but phone would not power up. Let the phone dry, put it in rice, still no go. Waited a few weeks, took it to a local repair shop…, they said electronics was corroded and they we unable to recover data, pictures, etc. I think I paid $50 for them just to try. Wife was beside herself as pictures of our new grandson were on the phone and not backed up. Being slightly tech savvy I knew that the pictures were likely still resident on the flash memory of the phone…but how to get them off? Enter Flash Fixers and the “chip-off” method. I found them on the web but was worried about paying the price and shipping the phone to unknown place… I shouldn’t have been. The submittal process was quick and easy. Once I sent the phone in, they removed the flash chip from the phone (chip off), put it in a fixture that allowed them to read the data, fortunately the data file structure was intact. They called me about 3 weeks after submittal with the good news that they had recovered 10 GB worth of data and that they would put it on a USB thumb drive and shipped it to me. They did, new grandson pictures recovered (and much else), my wife is happy and so am I! Thanks a bunch!” – Greg Catcott

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Will My Water Damaged Phone Be Fixed Or Repaired So I Can Continue Using It?  

We do not repair the cell phones – we just recover the data. There have been cases where recovering the data does repair the cell phone, but we do not recommend that you continue using the phone after water damage and data recovery. It is possible that the phone will die on you again, and you may lose more of your data.

Are You Ready To Recover Your Photos and Data?

To begin the recovery process, you first complete a service request form and send your iPhone to FlashFixers via mail or courier. We’ll let you know once we receive your phone. Then, we will email you an invoice for the evaluation fee that you can pay online. We will evaluate your device and attempt a full recovery of your data. Your recovered data will be saved to a USB flash drive and returned to you, along with your device, via USPS first class mail.

“I had an awesome experience with FlashFixers! My daughter’s phone was accidentally dropped into a swimming pool. On the phone were over 9000 photos of my 1 1/2 year-old granddaughter. Despite my constant nagging, she had not set up her phone to back up to the cloud and she had not backed anywhere else. She was heartbroken, as was I. She tried the usual remedies, like putting the phone in rice for a few days, to no avail. She resigned herself to having lost all those precious memories. We went to the apple store and they told us there was nothing they could do to recover the photos, and to expect recovery companies to charge over $2000 to just to evaluate the phone. FlashFixers to the rescue. They were able to retrieve ALL 9000+ photos and videos, were very responsive in answering my questions, quick turnaround, and kept a backup at their location until I notified them that I had received the flash drive safely and made multiple copies. I can’t put into words how great it was to get those irreplaceable pictures back, and it made me a hero with my daughter being able to give them to her. But the real heroes were the experts at FlashFixers. I HIGHLY recommend their service.”  – Glenn Graham

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Why Should You Choose FlashFixers?

FlashFixers is a trusted professional data recovery company with 16 years of experience (since 2002) serving customers from all over the U.S. and the world.

We are passionate about helping you get your data back when you need it most. Our open and transparent pricing, along with our high recovery rates and consistent five-star average customer service rating, make you confident that FlashFixers is the best company to recover all of your lost data from any water damaged phone. Losing your data can be very stressful; we promise to make the whole data recovery experience as pleasant as possible for you.

“Flash Fixers did what other said was impossible. I too had dropped my phone into a pool and had valuable photos and texts I needed to retrieve. I was most impressed with the staff I dealt with; very professional, very courteous, and I actually felt understood as I described my situation. I got everything back! They are the best.” – Norman Taylor

Call FlashFixers right now to see how we can help you get your data back!

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Important Note- We won’t perform any data recovery of a device unless you are the phone’s user or have legal authorization from the user to access the phone.

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