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With amazing customer service, FlashFixers is the right company for your Android data recovery needs.

Is your Android device damaged, unresponsive, or locked? We can help get your data back fast! We are Android data recovery specialists for Samsung, HTC, LG, Nexus, Motorola, Huawei, and Kyocera Devices.

We offer a free initial evaluation on many Android phones. Newer phones require a $75 evaluation fee due when we receive the phone, but that applies towards the final recovery cost. You only pay the full amount for a successful data recovery.

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How can FlashFixers help?

We specialize in data recovery and photo recovery for Android devices. We can retrieve: photos, videos, text messages, contacts, music, voice mails and more!

We have successfully saved data from devices in these conditions:

  • Dead or unresponsive
  • Water damaged or liquid damaged
  • Physically broken or run over
  • Corroded
  • Frozen screen
  • Dropped in toilet, tub, pool, or ocean
“I was another unfortunate person who dropped his phone into a shallow pool of water. I was actually amazed at how quickly the water rendered my phone unusable. Given the internal memory of my HTC One, I figured all of my pics and videos were gone. A friend told me about Flashfixers, so I stopped by. (Luckily, I live locally.) Literally, within a day, a flashdrive with every single one of my pictures and videos was placed into my hand. I highly recommend this service to anyone who faces a similar situation.” – Adam Wiggin (Kensington, NH)

Even if a phone does not work, is broken or water damaged, the data may still be recovered. How is this possible? Our forensics lab has developed a unique, proprietary data extraction process specifically designed for Android data recovery. During this process, we carefully remove the phone’s memory chip from the circuit board and use specialized equipment and software to turn its contents into a readable format. That’s how our Android data recovery service can recover photos and data when no one else can!

How much does Android data recovery service cost?

Data recovery service of photos and videos from most Android devices is $399.  This includes Samsung Alpha, Galaxy S6, S7, S8, Note 4, Note 5, and LG G5, V20 and V30, and recent model phones that came natively with Android 6.0 or higer. The data recovery process for these phones require troubleshooting the logic board to make it at least temporarily functional to extract the data.  Chip-off is not an option due to low-level encryption of the memory chip. An evaluation fee of $75 is invoiced at the time the phone is received, but this also applies towards the final recovery price

Legacy Android phones (that came with Android 5.0 or earlier) are eligible for chip-off data recovery and are price at $299 and free evaluation. This includes Samsung Note 3, Note 2, S5, S4, S3 and LG G4, G3 and V10. For more information, see our detailed price list.

Recovered data is saved to a DVD (free up to 4GB) or a USB Flash Drive ($10 for 16GB; larger capacities available).

“I thought our vacation pics were gone forever and you retrieved them. You were truly a life saver, or at least a “mind and heart” saver. Thank you.” – Cindy Gardner (Cullman, AL)

How does FlashFixers Android data recovery service work?

    1. Fill out our Service Request Form.
    2. Mail or hand deliver your Android phone to FlashFixers at the address listed on the form.
    3. We will contact you to let you know when we have received your device.
    4. For legacy chip-off recoveries and Samsung S6/Note 4/Note 5 Models, we usually finish the recovery within 2-3 days after receiving your device.
    5. We will save the results to a DVD (free) or a new USB Flash Drive and mail them to you, along with your device, via fully insured USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day return shipping).
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Why trust FlashFixers?

Outstanding Customer Service

Advanced Technical Expertise

  • 13 years of experience in data recovery (since 2002)
  • We use advanced, highly-specialized data recovery hardware.
  • We keep up-to-date with the latest Android data recovery techniques and procedures.

Certified Data Recovery Experts

  • Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Certified Partner
  • AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE)
  • AccessData Certified Mobile Examiner (AME)
  • Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)
  • Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA)
  • Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO)

We don’t take any chances when it comes to recovering and saving your precious data. Our forensic lab and experienced Android data recovery technicians are the most knowledgeable and well-respected in the industry, plus we have the necessary expertise, equipment, and tools to recover all the data directly from your Android device regardless of its condition. Simply mail us your Android phone – even if it doesn’t work, is broken or water damaged – and we will recover your important data.

“You did everything you said you would do! Unlike the way so many businesses seem to operate today.” – Lynn W. Gregg (Canton, MI)


Do you have sensitive or confidential information on your phone?

Your recovered data is 100% safe with us! All recovered data is held in the strictest confidence. Our recovery work is conducted on secure workstations with no access to the outside. We also have built-in safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to customer recovered data. Once we know for certain that you’ve received your recovered data, we permanently delete the data from our servers.

Please note that FlashFixers will not perform any work on a device unless you are the device owner or have legal authorization to access the device.

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